Hello world!

Hi people of the world, (or the very bored people who proly don’t care about what i think) im luvbug, and this is my very first blog. i dont know what to say, so  will go on about the miss california v.s perez hilton. i admire perez, but i think marriage should be between  a man and a woman, but  gay and lesbians should be aloud to have all the benifets  married people get. just dont call it marriage.


3 Responses to “Hello world!”

  1. BlueRain Says:

    People are entitled to live how they wish and people are entitled to their opinion…I think we’re all agreed on these issues but Hilton’s comments were that of a child.

    He is really an idiot. Miss CA was setting the bar very high in the integrity dept and he totally blew it.

    Shame on you Mr. Hilton.

    Someone actually acted with honesty and integrity and Hilton acted likea jerk.

  2. dyeing2bsaved Says:

    Yo girl…*tag* tag your it. Your right ppl should marry for love

    • darkdaughter11 Says:

      Sorry i havn’t blogged in awhile, i’ve been busy. if anybody wants to blog about anything they want, just please blog. im lonely on my sad little blog which nobody seems to want to blog on. please give me something.

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