im mad right now, because of the whole catholic school commencement speech obama is sopossed to do. i dont mean to offend anyone, but i dont think obama has any buissiness speeking at a catholic school. he isnt catholic, and alot of parents are mad. i dont blame them. please share your views, and i hope i dont offend anyone.


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  1. Doesn’t this show how close minded Christianity is? The church should be open to every faith with accepting open arms regardless of what religion they are. He’s not going there to convert anyone or preach anti semetic phrases. I don’t think its a big deal. Just my two cents

  2. I disagree with Cello actually. Religion should not interfere with education; that’s for sure. I do think that Obama would be more than qualified to make an educational speech about politics, success, and such in any school including a Catholic school. However, a commencement speech is supposed to reflect upon the graduating class and the school. As religion is a big part of a Catholic school, Obama should not make the commencement speech, because he is missing that integral part of the relating to the school.

    Also, using this case to say that Christianity in general is close minded seems to be generalizing too much.

  3. Why went your anger at Obama? I don’t know all the facts here, but he was surely invited by the school to make the commencement speech. I doubt that he forced himself upon the school. So if anyone is crossing religion with politics here, it’s the school, not the president.

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