People Who Go to the Movies

Working as a concessionist at a movie theater, i get to meet a lot of cool and interesting people. I also get to meat a lot of rude, stupid, and obnoxious people. While i act like everything is all “sunshine and rainbows” at work, i have no problems making snide comments and venting in my head. The other day i though, hmmmm…i have a blog…Eurika! lol. So here i am to vent my frustrations…here it goes…
I hate when a customer is at the concession stand ordering snacks, and talking on the phone at the same time. First of all it’s preetty rude, secondly, i really do not want to hear you talk about the awesome sex you had last night (that really happend).
Next, if you are having a problem in the movie, (crying baby next to you, people with cell phones out, people talking, sound not high enough, ect…) let us know please. Please don’t come to us after the movie and ask for your money back because you coudn’t enjoy the movie. let us fix the problem as it is happening, it’s our job, we do not mind.
As a female concessionist i get a lot of cheesy pick-up lines, looks, and sexual comments. Please keep it to yourselves. you do not need to tell me that you are undressing me with your eyes, or what you want to do to me in bed. I had a customer the other day who when asked what he would like to buy, he asked “how much for you?”. In reality, i let one of the other concessionists help him. In my mind i thought: Im sorry sir, but i sell popcorn and soda, not sex.
Finally, I love to help people and I want movie patrons to have the best experience possible. Let me help you. If you have a problem let me know. If you have a question, ask it. I can’t solve a problem if i don’t know there is one.
Let me know what ya’ll think about this post. Don’t be shy 🙂


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