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thank you for commenting. i apreciate ur two cents 🙂 i agree that christianity can be closed minded sometimes, and i admit that my last post was kinda close minded too. i agree that everyone should be open to each other’s religions, but i also believe that everyone is intitled to thier own opinions and ignorance.  thank you for being on my blog, and i hopr u write back. i think ur opinions are worth more than two sense though… 🙂


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im mad right now, because of the whole catholic school commencement speech obama is sopossed to do. i dont mean to offend anyone, but i dont think obama has any buissiness speeking at a catholic school. he isnt catholic, and alot of parents are mad. i dont blame them. please share your views, and i hope i dont offend anyone.

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ok, my blog kinda sucks, and i’m knew at this, so please bare with me. i wanted to put some cute and/or funny pictures on my blog, so here is one i thought was adorable. please comment on it if u want. cute-hampster-300x239

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i agree that Perez’s actions were not very mature, and he shouldn’t have called miss CA a “dumb B**ch. i believe he was just pissed, but i know that doesn’t excuse his actions. i dont think her take on the question lost her the crown. i think the girl who won deserved it, and miss CA shouldn’t have taken away the winner glory by saying that she should be the winner. miss CA didnt even answer the question. she was incorrect in saying that all americans have the right to choose gay marriage. the question itself was about adopting the gay marriage laws in the first place. she also used the imaginary term: opposite marriage, to represent regular marriage between men and women. i think her airhead answer turned the judges away more than her actual oppinion. i do admire her honesty tho.

Hello world!

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Hi people of the world, (or the very bored people who proly don’t care about what i think) im luvbug, and this is my very first blog. i dont know what to say, so  will go on about the miss california v.s perez hilton. i admire perez, but i think marriage should be between  a man and a woman, but  gay and lesbians should be aloud to have all the benifets  married people get. just dont call it marriage.